Why the Name Change?

To eliminate confusion in the local Portland marketplace – there is a financial consulting firm that has "Deschutes" in its name, but they are not affiliated with us in any way.

When is it Effective?

January 1st, 2018.

Is this a Change of Ownership?

No – this is purely a simple name change. Our staff, office location, and ownership structure remains unchanged.

Will your Contact Information Remain the Same?

For the most part, yes – phone numbers and office location are not changing.

Things that are changing:

  1. New Website:

  2. New Email Addresses: First Name @

Bryn Torkelson -

Dan Sholian -

Axel Flichtbeil -

Patty Good -

Eric Boughton, CFA -

Nik Torkelson -

Adam Carpenter, MBA -

Deirdre Higdon -

Jim Mendenhall -

Rebecca Wei, CFA, CIPM -

Do we Need to Sign New Advisory Contracts?

No – we only filed a DBA. We did not incorporate as a new organization.

Why Matisse Capital?

We have always been fond of the name Matisse – we launched a mutual fund in 2012 and a Hedge Fund of Fund Vehicle in 2002 that are both branded under the Matisse name. Ultimately, it’s another aim to eliminate confusion for our clients by streamlining our entire business under the name Matisse.

Current Clients - What do I Need to Do?

Nothing – this is an FYI for you. Make note of our new website and email addresses, but our previous emails will still work, and our old website will forward to our new one.